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About the Drop Zone

Skydive Tahoe is Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada's only drop zone.

Located at the Minden-Tahoe Airport in the heart of the Carson Valley, Skydive Tahoe is the premier place to jump!

The driving distance is approximately 25 minutes from South Lake Tahoe and about one hour and a half from North Lake Tahoe.

This is a full service drop zone, offering courses of instruction to first time skydivers and programs are in place for those who desire to better their flying skills. An Accelerated Free Fall program is developed to teach individuals how to become certified skydivers.

Most of the instructors have several thousands of skydives each and have won many accolades participating in world wide competitions.

The exit altitude is approximately 13,500 feet above the ground and Lake Tahoe can be seen until about 4,000 feet above the ground. When you do decide to make a jump, make sure to give Skydive Tahoe a call! 775-783-8708

Skydive Video

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Capture the event of a lifetime with DVD and bonus 35mm photography of your skydive! You only make one first skydive capture the excitement!


Skydive Photos

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Check out photos of skydives....



You must be 18 yrs of age or older to skydive.

There are weight restrictions if you are over 200 lbs. please call. You must be height and weight proportionate, and be capable of an active lifestyle.

All skydives must be made in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and United States Parachute Association Recommendations.