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Continuing Certification

There are two options for becoming a solo certified skydiver: Tandem Assisted Freefall and Solo (AFF) Freefall. In as few as 7 levels of skydiving, you can be solo certified enabling you to jump by yourself.

Most people choose, and we recommend, a Tandem skydive for a first skydive experience. For those individuals who are highly motivated and ready to commit to a serious freefall training program, the Solo Freefall course is available, beginning with the Solo ground school and AFF Level 1.

Tandem classes are available daily.

Solo classes for new students are scheduled primarily on weekends, although special arrangements are available daily. Please call for available dates as advance registration is required. Private classes can be arranged for an additional fee.

Solo Freefall (AFF) Program - 7 Jumps
Skydive Level Price
6 hr Ground School and 1st Jump   $130
Freefall Awareness (Includes Ground School) AFF1 $229 (prices are subject to change)
Principles of Turning AFF2 $229 (prices are subject to change)
Hover Control & Release AFF3 $229 (prices are subject to change)
90-Degree Turns AFF4 $179
360-Degree Turns & Docking AFF5 $179
Aerobatics AFF6 $179
Solo Certification AFF7 $179

Tandem Freefall (T/AF) Program - 9 Jumps
Skydive Level Price
Introduction to Freefall T1 $229 (prices are subject to change)
Freefall Awareness T2 $179
Ground School (6-8 hour course)   $130
Stability Control & Altitude Awarenesss AFF4 $229 (prices are subject to change)
Hover Control & Release AFF5 $229 (prices are subject to change)
90-Degree Turns AFF6 $179
360-Degree Turns & Docking AFF7 $179
Aerobatics AFF8 $179
Solo Certification AFF9 $179

Solo Certification

Upon completion of AFF 7 the graduate is awarded Solo Freefall Certification and is qualified to self jumpmaster and Skydive from full altitude (7000' minimum) without direct supervision and providing USPA currency requirements are met (30 day rule).

Solo Freefall (AFF) & Tandem Assisted Freefall (T/AF) Program Guidelines

Each Level includes one skydive with targeted learning objectives that must be satisfactorily demonstrated before moving onto the next level.

T/AF students should complete T 2 & 3 within 90 days of their T 1. Additional training & charges may be required if student goes beyond recommended time.

Specific currency and performance standards apply to all levels. Contact Skydive Tahoe for more detailed information.

Repeat & Extra jumps priced separately.

Skydive Video

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Capture the event of a lifetime with DVD and bonus 35mm photography of your skydive! You only make one first skydive capture the excitement!


Skydive Photos

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You must be 18 yrs of age or older to skydive.

There are weight restrictions if you are over 200 lbs. please call. You must be height and weight proportionate, and be capable of an active lifestyle.

All skydives must be made in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and United States Parachute Association Recommendations.