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Solo Skydiving

Solo Jump Altitudes

  1. Basic Solo skydive is from up to 14,000 ft. with a 45-60 second freefall.
  2. Professional video of your skydive experience, $99
  3. Solo Scheduling & Availability Classes offered Fridays by appointment, Saturdays & Sundays. Call to make your reservation.
  4. Winds must be less than 15 mph; clouds above 8,000 feet. Call before coming to the drop zone to check on weather conditions. If weather prevents solo skydiving, we will reschedule your skydive at that time.
  5. Minimum age to jump is 18 you must bring identification.
  6. Students over the age of 65 must provide written physician approval prior to their appointment.

Solo Skydiving overview

  1. View the entire lake from 14,000 ft. ( 60 seconds of freefall )
  2. Must be 18yrs of age.
  3. Video of the jump is an additional $99.00
  4. Call Skydive Tahoe 775-783-8708 or schedule online for your once in a life-time jump.
  5. Where?? Minden Airport.( Carson Valley ) 20 minutes from the Ridge Tahoe.

Solo Skydiving for Northern California and the Lake Tahoe Area!

You've watched others do it, seen the videos and photos, and thought to yourself, "I've really gotta try that one day". Well don't put it off any longer, let Skydive Lake Tahoe make that dream a reality today! Imagine the thrill of up to 60 seconds of freefall! The serenity of floating under a parachute with nothing around you!

Nothing compares with the exhilaration and pure adrenaline of skydiving!

First you'll be fitted with a jumpsuit and harness. Your instructor will adjust the harness to fit you in the most comfortable manner possible. Then he or she will briefly discuss the basics of freefall body position, and what you can do to help yourself have the best time possible. Then you'll board your waiting aircraft for a scenic ride to between 10,000 and 14,000 feet. The ride to altitude is a good time to ask your instructor any questions you may still have about the sport of skydiving. Just prior to arrival at altitude your instructor will verify that everything is ready for the jump and will ask you if you are "ready to make a skydive?"

The next minute will be the most exciting of your life! The thrill of freefalling above the earth at up to 120 miles an hour is a sensation that cannot be put into words. After the parachute opens you'll be amazed at the peace and serenity of canopy flight as you receive hands on instruction on parachute flight, shortly before you're brought back to a soft safe landing back on mother earth. You'll be thrilled, you'll be amazed, and you'll wonder what took you so long! Make your reservation today!


After a brief training session, you will skydive from up to 14,000 feet harnessed to a licensed solo instructor. Freefalling for approximately 60 seconds, you will taste adventure you never thought existed! Your instructor will deploy the parachute at about 5000 feet, and you will then enjoy a 5-7 minute parachute flight over stunning scenery. After your landing in front of your friends and family, you will be presented with a First Jump Certificate to proudly display!

We specialize in making group skydives, so bring your friends and we will see to it that you all ride the same plane up! Nothing makes a better experience than riding to altitude with a group of your excited friends, and jumping from the same plane!

Your first solo skydive includes:

All skydives must be made in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and United States Parachute Association Recommendations.


Skydive Video

camera man

Capture the event of a lifetime with DVD and bonus 35mm photography of your skydive! You only make one first skydive capture the excitement!


Skydive Photos

camera man

Check out photos of skydives....



You must be 18 yrs of age or older to skydive.

There are weight restrictions if you are over 200 lbs. please call. You must be height and weight proportionate, and be capable of an active lifestyle.

All skydives must be made in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and United States Parachute Association Recommendations.